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    Discount Promo Items are an excellent, cost-effective tool for developing brand recognition and attracting new clients and customers. Inexpensive Promotional Items like pens, tote bags and sports bottles can all be customized to display your business or company's logo.   Read More

    The low prices on these Promotional Products means that they can be given away at trade shows and in marketing campaigns for free! Potential clients who receive a free gift are more likely to remember the name of the company or business that gave it to them. The result is instant brand recognition!

    Inexpensive Promotional Items also make great thank you gifts for loyal customers and clients. Simply include an item like a customized wristband or USB flash drive that displays your company's logo in any thank you package. Clients and customers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture while simultaneously associating your business with friendly, courteous service.

    The low prices of Promotional Products are also advantageous for boosting morale in the workplace. Employees who perform above and beyond expectations can be rewarded with a free customized coffee mug or a set of handy office supplies. Rewarding employees for hard work ensures future productivity at a low cost to your company.

    Inexpensive Promotional Items like badges, pins and keyboard cleaners make excellent giveaway products. Bulk rate pricing delivers these products expediently and affordably. The savings from purchasing Discount Promo Items can be applied to other important areas of your business.

    Perhaps the best feature of these items is their ability to be fully customized. Colors, logos and fonts are all applied at the discretion of the company that makes the Discount Promo Items purchase. Bland, dull company items can quickly become a thing of the past. Replace them with vibrant, eye-catching promotional items that will leave a lasting impression!

    Promoting brand recognition is vital for business success. Affordable promotional items are a fantastic way to achieve this goal.

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    Select Zippered Tote ThumbnailMARCO Water Bottle Sport Portfolio ThumbnailBudget-Beater Ceramic Mug - White ThumbnailThe Promo Tote Thumbnail
    Select Zippered ToteMARCO Water Bottle Sport PortfolioBudget-Beater Ceramic Mug - WhiteThe Promo Tote
    Item #: TB-847Item #: PF-71WItem #: DW-25Item #: TB-PVT
    List Price:$3.99
    As Low As: $3.49
    List Price:$4.17
    As Low As: $3.54
    List Price:$0.86
    As Low As: $0.79
    List Price:$0.95
    As Low As: $0.85
    3/4" Full-Color Lanyard ThumbnailDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailPortable Power Bank - Engraved ThumbnailSmashlight Flashlight Thumbnail
    3/4" Full-Color LanyardDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - BlankPortable Power Bank - EngravedSmashlight Flashlight
    Item #: LY-102-WItem #: NW-NW5-BLItem #: OF-1335EItem #: GA-754
    List Price:$1.53
    As Low As: $1.38
    List Price:$1.03
    As Low As: $0.82
    List Price:$10.99
    As Low As: $9.75
    List Price:$2.25
    As Low As: $1.99
    DuraHyde Zippered Padfolio ThumbnailNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID Holder ThumbnailRivers Pocket Convention Tote ThumbnailPen/Light/Stylus Thumbnail
    DuraHyde Zippered PadfolioNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID HolderRivers Pocket Convention TotePen/Light/Stylus
    Item #: WP-501Item #: NW-1001Item #: TBE-14067Item #: WI-1333
    List Price:$9.48
    As Low As: $8.51
    List Price:$0.96
    As Low As: $0.77
    List Price:$1.14
    As Low As: $1.07
    List Price:$1.61
    As Low As: $1.38
    TranSport It Tote ThumbnailShoulder Sling Tote ThumbnailVenture Business Tote ThumbnailTriple Play Stylus/Ballpoint Pen/Highlighter Thumbnail
    TranSport It ToteShoulder Sling ToteVenture Business ToteTriple Play Stylus/Ballpoint Pen/Highlighter
    Item #: TB-482Item #: TBE-14078Item #: TB-1044Item #: WI-1334
    List Price:$5.99
    As Low As: $4.89
    List Price:$1.64
    As Low As: $1.48
    List Price:$3.84
    As Low As: $3.44
    List Price:$1.09
    As Low As: $0.89
    Elation Messenger ThumbnailClassic Convention Tote ThumbnailAcrylic Double Wall Tumbler, 16 oz. ThumbnailMuse Convention Tote Thumbnail
    Elation MessengerClassic Convention ToteAcrylic Double Wall Tumbler, 16 oz.Muse Convention Tote
    Item #: ME-1208Item #: TB-14076Item #: DW-1067Item #: TB-14034
    List Price:$3.84
    As Low As: $3.44
    List Price:$3.39
    As Low As: $2.89
    List Price:$3.57
    As Low As: $3.08
    List Price:$3.19
    As Low As: $2.87
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