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    Customized Messenger Bags are popular products that can be found in common everyday personal use. And many businesses use Personalized Messenger Bags as promotional tools to help increase brand awareness.    Read More

    The messenger bag is styled upon the traditional bag carried by bicycle messengers working in populated urban areas. It usually is a rectangular shaped bag that has a strong shoulder strap allowing the wearer to place it across the body. The bag either hangs at the wearer's side near the hip or can be slung around to the user's back. Since they are a popular user choice, many companies produce a Business Messenger Bag that is given away to loyal employees or at industry trade shows where prospective clientele appreciate such a useful gift.

    When thinking about the promotional use of a messenger bag it is important for any business to always consider using high-quality constriction materials. A good choice for a Business Messenger Bag is one made from nylon so it remains waterproof. Interesting choices for Personalized Messenger Bags are ones made from cotton with leather strapping and a large leather front flap with the body made from cotton. These types of Customized Messenger Bags are reminiscent of many old military-style messenger bags carried by motorcycle couriers during WWII.

    Personalized Messenger Bags are extremely popular because they often are used as a fashion statement.

    Since the construction of messenger bags produces a lot of open area, the outer surface is ideal for presenting custom logos, slogans and other messages. This surface area can turn this item into Customized Messenger Bags adding a user's name or initials also allowing ample space to attach patches, buttons and pins companies can supply adding to promotional opportunities.

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    MARCO Water Bottle Sport Portfolio ThumbnailElation Messenger ThumbnailA Step Ahead Messenger ThumbnailDolphin Briefcase Thumbnail
    MARCO Water Bottle Sport PortfolioElation MessengerA Step Ahead MessengerDolphin Briefcase
    Item #: PF-71WItem #: ME-1208Item #: ME-503NItem #: PF-1000
    List Price:$4.17
    As Low As: $3.54
    List Price:$3.84
    As Low As: $3.44
    List Price:$5.49
    As Low As: $4.99
    As Low As: $4.71
    Essential Portfolio ThumbnailTucker Tablet Bag ThumbnailOvation Business Brief ThumbnailSketch Messenger - Closeout Thumbnail
    Essential PortfolioTucker Tablet BagOvation Business BriefSketch Messenger - Closeout
    Item #: PF-04AItem #: PF-1302Item #: PF-1306Item #: ME-1301CL
    List Price:$5.89
    As Low As: $5.29
    As Low As: $4.74As Low As: $3.84List Price:$8.99
    As Low As: $3.99
    Double Handle Document Caddy ThumbnailMARCO Anything But Basic Portfolio ThumbnailDocument Bag ThumbnailAttune Messenger Bag Thumbnail
    Double Handle Document CaddyMARCO Anything But Basic PortfolioDocument BagAttune Messenger Bag
    Item #: PF-11Item #: PF-79Item #: PF-512Item #: ME-704
    As Low As: $3.23As Low As: $3.57As Low As: $2.19As Low As: $4.99
    Tribute Tablet Bag ThumbnailBolt Messenger ThumbnailLucent Laptop Messenger ThumbnailMidtown Messenger Bag Thumbnail
    Tribute Tablet BagBolt MessengerLucent Laptop MessengerMidtown Messenger Bag
    Item #: PF-14003Item #: ME-1210Item #: ME-1400Item #: ME-14005
    As Low As: $2.69As Low As: $5.39As Low As: $8.68As Low As: $4.29
    Alumni Portfolio ThumbnailSacramento Retro Business Bag ThumbnailMetro Document Bag ThumbnailConference Starter Thumbnail
    Alumni PortfolioSacramento Retro Business BagMetro Document BagConference Starter
    Item #: PF-14011Item #: PF-14005Item #: PF-702Item #: PF-08A
    List Price:$7.99
    As Low As: $7.19
    As Low As: $4.41As Low As: $3.19As Low As: $2.99
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