• Blank Neck Wallets & Badge Holders

    Blank Neck Wallets make networking easier at business functions such as seminars and trade shows. A lanyard is used to hang this type of blank wallet with zippers from the neck. Neck Wallets can be made by using a name tag. Some types of Blank Badge Holders have a clear sleeve on the outside just for this purpose.   Read More

    Neck wallets can be used for promotion and as a badge to get into a specific area for a sporting event or a business function. This type of item can also be given away as a prize or to provide to visitors that are at a business function with identification.

    These wallets are typically made of a quality material and are lightweight. Lanyards on Blank Neck Wallets are adjustable which makes them easy for anyone to wear. One benefit of these types of wallets is that they have a pouch that can be used to store various items. This can include tickets, pens, a business card and any other type of small item. Some Blank Badge Holders have a zipper pocket for money and a pouch to contain a mobile phone.

    The typical size of Neck Wallets to wear around your neck will measure 7 inches high and up to up 5 inches wide.

    The method that is used to print a company name, logo or other lettering is silk screen. The area for any type of imprint may measure 2 inches high by 3 and one-half inches wide. Various styles of Blank Badge Holders are available based on the type that is needed by a company for a specific purpose.

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    Double Zipper Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailEco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - Blank Thumbnail
    Double Zipper Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - BlankEco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - Blank
    Item #: NW-NW5-BLItem #: NW-01A-BLItem #: NW-14B-BLItem #: NWE-14002-BL
    List Price:$1.03
    As Low As: $0.82
    List Price:$1.11
    As Low As: $0.94
    As Low As: $0.99As Low As: $0.69
    Minimalist Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - Blank ThumbnailNo-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailBi-Fold Nylon Neck Wallet - Blank Thumbnail
    Minimalist Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - BlankNo-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - BlankBi-Fold Nylon Neck Wallet - Blank
    Item #: NW-14001-BLItem #: NW-27-BLItem #: NW-14003-BLItem #: NW-20-BL
    As Low As: $0.93As Low As: $1.65As Low As: $0.99As Low As: $1.40
    Polyester Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Bi-Fold Leatherette Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Dual Print Badge/Cord Set - Blank ThumbnailNotepad Neck Wallet - Blank Thumbnail
    Polyester Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Bi-Fold Leatherette Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Dual Print Badge/Cord Set - BlankNotepad Neck Wallet - Blank
    Item #: NW-02A-BLItem #: NW-20L-BLItem #: NW-08B-BLItem #: NW-14000-BL
    As Low As: $1.47As Low As: $1.63As Low As: $1.31As Low As: $1.79
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