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    Giveaway Items are always a smart idea when promoting a business. It is a nice touch to have useful items like pens, mugs, and calendars to pass out with a printed company logo, message, or website. This is a great way to pass on a web address where a customer can find further company information. Promotional Giveaways can include items such as luggage tags, lip balm, key chains, bottle openers, and much more.   Read More

    Having Trade Show Giveaways is always essential. Just because they are inexpensive does not mean that they should not look great. Trade show giveaways are probably the first thing that an attendee will look for at the event. Having the right giveaways will draw a great amount of positive attention to a company's booth. Even on a budget, a business can find Trade Show Giveaways that will give a lasting memory about a company.

    It is essential to market a business through other means besides traditional advertisements. Handing out Giveaway Items like custom tote bags or flash drives with a business logo will be a constant reminder whenever a person is at their desk or carrying something around.

    Promotional Giveaways make a wonderful way to celebrate a grand opening. It is also a nice gesture to thank customers and employees for dedication and loyalty. Giving a tangible gift will keep workers and customers feeling appreciated.

    There is a huge assortment of possible Giveaway Items available that are perfect for any occasion. Spending a little bit of money can actually lead to great increases in profits. Even though these things may seem trivial, it is the little details that draw in new customers and keep present employees happy.

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    Tyvek® Wristband ThumbnailBudget "Savor" Lip Balm ThumbnailBudget "Holiday" Lip Balm ThumbnailBusiness Card Luggage Tags Thumbnail
    Tyvek® WristbandBudget "Savor" Lip BalmBudget "Holiday" Lip BalmBusiness Card Luggage Tags
    Item #: WB-05BItem #: GA-15AItem #: GA-15A-HOLItem #: TV-199
    As Low As: $0.15As Low As: $0.69As Low As: $0.59As Low As: $0.33
    Beverage Wrench ThumbnailVinyl Wristband ThumbnailTyvek® Tear Stub Wristband ThumbnailFlexible Key Tag Thumbnail
    Beverage WrenchVinyl WristbandTyvek® Tear Stub WristbandFlexible Key Tag
    Item #: GA-22BItem #: WB-07BItem #: WB-500Item #: GA-601
    As Low As: $0.69As Low As: $0.37As Low As: $0.23As Low As: $0.51
    Traveler Round Luggage Tag ThumbnailLatex Balloon - 11" ThumbnailPrimary Care Bandage Dispenser ThumbnailKeep-It Clip - 4" Thumbnail
    Traveler Round Luggage TagLatex Balloon - 11"Primary Care Bandage DispenserKeep-It Clip - 4"
    Item #: TV-602NItem #: GA-33BItem #: GA-23BItem #: GA-25B
    As Low As: $0.75As Low As: $0.13As Low As: $0.61As Low As: $0.74
    Sticky Pad ThumbnailPaw Keep-It Clip ThumbnailKidz Bandage Dispenser with Character Bandages ThumbnailGlitter Wristband Thumbnail
    Sticky PadPaw Keep-It ClipKidz Bandage Dispenser with Character BandagesGlitter Wristband
    Item #: GA-47BItem #: GA-532Item #: GA-617Item #: WB-08B
    As Low As: $1.59As Low As: $0.78As Low As: $0.70As Low As: $0.44
    2 1/2" Keep It Clip ThumbnailKeep-It Clip - 6" Thumbnail
    2 1/2" Keep It ClipKeep-It Clip - 6"
    Item #: GA-616Item #: GA-26B
    As Low As: $0.63As Low As: $0.78
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