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    Discount promo items are great for promoting products and services at trade shows and other promotional events. Custom print your business' name, logo, contact information or even slogan on any of these discount promotional products. With so many options to choose from you are sure to find a product that suits your company or organization's needs.
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    Giving away Logo Promotional Gifts may be one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers. Everybody loves receiving free gifts, especially these Discount Promotional Products from MARCO Promotional Products. Consider handing out Promo Items such as cups, pens, markers, day planners or calendars at your next big event. The visitors to your booth will appreciate it and spread the word to others.

    The best thing about these Logo Promotional Gifts is the steep discounts off the original price. Companies that order in bulk can receive even greater discounts. Business' never lose when they implement these products into their marketing plans. It doesn't have to cost a small fortune to advertise your business.

    All it takes for a promotional item to be effective is for one person to receive the item and use it, whether by themselves where they can be constantly reminded about your company, or in the presence of others where your logo has an opportunity to be seen by people who may have never heard of your business. The possibilities for promoting your business using Promo Items are endless, and at such a low price it is hard to go wrong with these Discount Promotional Products.

    Closeouts, Clearance & Liquidation Promos!
    Closeout promotional products can save your business up to 50% or more!

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    Squeeze Coin Pouch - Closeout ThumbnailTwo-Color Vinyl Luggage Tag - Closeout Thumbnail4 Section Pill Holder - Closeout ThumbnailTwist-Top Hand Sanitizer Spray - Closeout Thumbnail
    Squeeze Coin Pouch - CloseoutTwo-Color Vinyl Luggage Tag - Closeout4 Section Pill Holder - CloseoutTwist-Top Hand Sanitizer Spray - Closeout
    Item #: GA-14067CLItem #: TV-14006CLItem #: GA-15001CLItem #: GA-15000CL
    List Price:$0.99
    As Low As: $0.49
    List Price:$1.01
    As Low As: $0.69
    List Price:$0.59
    As Low As: $0.44
    List Price:$1.05
    As Low As: $0.59
    Double Wall Coffee Pot - Closeout ThumbnailMini Aluminum LED Light with Key Chain - Closeout ThumbnailCalc 'N Sticky Notes - Closeout ThumbnailCalcu-Rule Sticky Notes - Closeout Thumbnail
    Double Wall Coffee Pot - CloseoutMini Aluminum LED Light with Key Chain - CloseoutCalc 'N Sticky Notes - CloseoutCalcu-Rule Sticky Notes - Closeout
    Item #: HI-15005CLItem #: OD-834CLItem #: OF-14042CLItem #: OF-14063CL
    List Price:$3.54
    As Low As: $2.09
    List Price:$1.46
    As Low As: $0.89
    List Price:$3.59
    As Low As: $2.15
    List Price:$2.99
    As Low As: $1.39
    Auto Organizer Satchel - Closeout ThumbnailWork Week Sticky Notes - Closeout ThumbnailLeatherette Passport Holder - Closeout ThumbnailFelt Media Holder - Closeout Thumbnail
    Auto Organizer Satchel - CloseoutWork Week Sticky Notes - CloseoutLeatherette Passport Holder - CloseoutFelt Media Holder - Closeout
    Item #: TV-14002CLItem #: OF-14048CLItem #: TV-1312CLItem #: OF-1351CL
    List Price:$5.25
    As Low As: $3.99
    List Price:$1.15
    As Low As: $0.79
    List Price:$3.79
    As Low As: $2.59
    List Price:$0.89
    As Low As: $0.59
    Koozie® Stripe Lunch Sack - Closeout ThumbnailCappy Can Cover - Closeout ThumbnailNon-Woven Cooler - Closeout ThumbnailMicro Mirror - Closeout Thumbnail
    Koozie® Stripe Lunch Sack - CloseoutCappy Can Cover - CloseoutNon-Woven Cooler - CloseoutMicro Mirror - Closeout
    Item #: OD-1233CLItem #: GA-14024CLItem #: OD-14004CLItem #: GA-14070CL
    List Price:$4.24
    As Low As: $2.99
    List Price:$0.99
    As Low As: $0.69
    List Price:$2.38
    As Low As: $1.66
    List Price:$0.90
    As Low As: $0.39
    Sticky Notes in Accent Folder - Closeout ThumbnailTraveler Vanity Mirror - Closeout ThumbnailJiffy Slitter with Tape Flags - Closeout ThumbnailVibe iPad® Sleeve - Closeout Thumbnail
    Sticky Notes in Accent Folder - CloseoutTraveler Vanity Mirror - CloseoutJiffy Slitter with Tape Flags - CloseoutVibe iPad® Sleeve - Closeout
    Item #: OF-14084CLItem #: GA-14065CLItem #: GA-916CLItem #: OF-1212CL
    List Price:$0.99
    As Low As: $0.69
    List Price:$1.89
    As Low As: $0.99
    List Price:$1.02
    As Low As: $0.82
    List Price:$2.65
    As Low As: $1.59
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