• Custom Lanyards & Neck Cords for Name Tags & ID Badge Holders

    Custom Made Badge Lanyards & Neck Cords Printed with Your Business Logo

    Customized lanyards for use with badge holders are one of the most cost-effective ways that you can advertise your business, products, or services to increase your market share and brand recognition. One of the reasons for their popularity is that custom made lanyards and neck cords are simply a practical giveaway that can be used and reused at home and at the office long after your event is over. Uniquely designed lanyards personalized with your organization's logo to hold attendees' name badge holders are an absolute must-have at trade shows, corporate meetings & seminars.
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    3/8" Adjustable Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail3/4" Full-Color Lanyard Thumbnail5/8" Economy Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail1/2" Economy Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail
    3/8" Adjustable Polyester Lanyard3/4" Full-Color Lanyard5/8" Economy Polyester Lanyard1/2" Economy Polyester Lanyard
    Item #: LY-13-RItem #: LY-102-WItem #: LY-704-RItem #: LY-1001
    As Low As: $0.87List Price:$1.53
    As Low As: $1.38
    As Low As: $0.74As Low As: $0.79
    5/8" Economy Polyester Lanyard with Badge Holder Combo Thumbnail3/4" Nylon Woven Lanyard Thumbnail1/2" Adjustable Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail1/2" No-Flip Cotton Lanyard with Double Bulldog Clip Thumbnail
    5/8" Economy Polyester Lanyard with Badge Holder Combo3/4" Nylon Woven Lanyard1/2" Adjustable Polyester Lanyard1/2" No-Flip Cotton Lanyard with Double Bulldog Clip
    Item #: LY-1007Item #: LY-104Item #: LY-13-WItem #: LY-500
    As Low As: $1.11List Price:$1.59
    As Low As: $1.43
    As Low As: $0.99As Low As: $1.55
    1" Economy Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail5/8" Antimicrobial Breakaway Lanyard Thumbnail5/8" Cotton Lanyard Thumbnail5/8" One Ply Cotton Lanyard Thumbnail
    1" Economy Polyester Lanyard5/8" Antimicrobial Breakaway Lanyard5/8" Cotton Lanyard5/8" One Ply Cotton Lanyard
    Item #: LY-704-WItem #: LY-1004Item #: LY-705-RItem #: LY-99-R
    As Low As: $0.89As Low As: $1.61As Low As: $0.99As Low As: $1.65
    3/4" Cotton Lanyard with Retractable Badge Reel Thumbnail1/2" Breakaway Cotton Lanyard with Standard O-Ring Thumbnail1/2" Full-Color Lanyard ThumbnailMARCO No-Twist Name Badge Set - Printed Thumbnail
    3/4" Cotton Lanyard with Retractable Badge Reel1/2" Breakaway Cotton Lanyard with Standard O-Ring1/2" Full-Color LanyardMARCO No-Twist Name Badge Set - Printed
    Item #: LY-1000Item #: LY-703Item #: LY-102-RItem #: LY-126AT-PR
    As Low As: $2.29As Low As: $1.17List Price:$1.47
    As Low As: $1.32
    As Low As: $1.05
    Plan Ahead & Save - 5/8" Polyester Lanyard Thumbnail3/4" Recycled Lanyard - Sublimated Thumbnail1" One Ply Cotton Lanyard Thumbnail3/4" Heavyweight Satin Lanyard Thumbnail
    Plan Ahead & Save - 5/8" Polyester Lanyard3/4" Recycled Lanyard - Sublimated1" One Ply Cotton Lanyard3/4" Heavyweight Satin Lanyard
    Item #: LY-1200SDItem #: LYE-600-WItem #: LY-99-WItem #: LY-1010
    As Low As: $0.39As Low As: $2.37As Low As: $1.95As Low As: $2.39

    Many businesses use neck cords printed with their company's logo attached to badge holders around their offices. If you're employed or volunteer for an organization that requires staff members to wear security IDs or name tags at work, give them professional looking, comfortable to wear, company branded lanyards to hold their name badges.

    When you're planning on attending or hosting a trade show, make sure that you include custom lanyards with your company's name printed on them when you are determining your campaign budget. Neck cords made to your company's specifications are especially cost-effective when you purchase a style that can be reused later as a personal key holder or staff ID holder for the office. Then, the next time your customers need to reach out to you for your products or services, your contact information will be right around their necks...this almost ensures that your business will be the first one they'll call.

    Promotional lanyards for ID badges are also great fundraising items for schools or sports teams. They are perfect for students, teachers and athletes to keep their keys and proudly display their identification and association with their school or sports team. Your prospects and clients will use them every day...whether at work or at home. This provides you with a cheap yet effective means of increasing brand awareness and retention...a Win-Win!

    MARCO's promotional products experts can help you customize badge lanyards for your event badge holders today. Art prearation services are available to you, FREE of charge. Purchasing is 100% Risk-Free when you take advantage of the unique free sample program for lanyards and neck cords. Call 877.545.9322 today and get professional assistance with finding the right event essentials for your business. We're happy to help you get the right items custom made and promptly shipped to your door.

    Our Customers Say it Best!

    "Lanyards with our logos are a hit. We have used MARCO's lanyards for several years now. They work well for our groups. We do recycle what are returned to us, but many folks like them and keep them for their own use."

    -- Mary
    Pittsburgh, PA

    "GREAT JOB MARCO! The lanyards were a big hit among employees. We did new ID badges as well and our employees seemed excited to get them and proud to wear them. MARCO did a great job throughout the process and we received everything much earlier than expected. Thanks!"

    -- R. J.
    Las Animas, CO

    "Fast - Easy & Economical. We'll use our lanyards & badge holders to send to our cruise clients to make it easy to carry their room keys while on board ship. Plus, when we have our annual meeting - we'll get to use these for their original purpose."

    -- LSue
    Signal Hill, CA

    "Very excited! I was concerned with the complexity of our logo and how the imprint would turn out. After receiving the lanyards, I was pleasantly surprised. the team at MARCO was confident and helpful."

    -- Tina
    Cornelia, GA

    "Awesome. We have used lanyards for the past 2 years for our Annual National Conference! It is such a nice touch for our attendees."

    -- Chele
    Littleton, CO

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