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    Logo Bags are one of the most commonly used promotional items. Logo Bags that are imprinted with a company name and logo can be given away to current customers and at trade shows to attendees. When people receive these free items they tend to feel more appreciative toward the company because they are being recognized with a free gift. People associate free gifts with generosity and kindness so even if they have never used the business or company before, they will be more likely to use them in the future because the company has made a good lasting impression.   Read More

    Promotional Totes are one of the best items to give away because people can always find a use for a tote bag. It is important for a promo item to be useful and versatile because these products will be used more frequently which in turn gets the company or business logo more exposure. People always need bags to carry their extra things around. The tote bags can be made from heavy and durable materials so they stand up to the test of time, can be used more frequently, and can be used to carry heavier items. These bags can be used for carrying groceries, books, gym gear, beach gear and more. When the bags are attractive they are more likely to be used on a regular basis and when the bags are bright and eye catching they will attract more attention to the company name on the bag.

    Promotional Totes are also frequently carried to social events where other people are in attendance. When these Imprinted Bags are taken to social events it gives the item a chance to promote your brand even further. If other people notice the bag and the logo printed on it the bag can become an excellent conversation starter about your business and products or services you offer. When the recipient of the Imprinted Bags has good feelings about the company because of the free gift they are more likely to spread the word and recommend to other people or friends who are talking about the bag!

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    Rivers Pocket Convention Tote ThumbnailShoulder Sling Tote ThumbnailInspirations Reversible Cotton Tote ThumbnailClassic Convention Tote Thumbnail
    Rivers Pocket Convention ToteShoulder Sling ToteInspirations Reversible Cotton ToteClassic Convention Tote
    Item #: TBE-14067Item #: TBE-14078Item #: TB-14077Item #: TB-14076
    List Price:$1.14
    As Low As: $1.07
    List Price:$1.64
    As Low As: $1.48
    List Price:$6.39
    As Low As: $5.59
    List Price:$3.39
    As Low As: $2.89
    Oak Tote ThumbnailLaminated Junior Tote ThumbnailPrelude Convention Tote ThumbnailBranson Tablet Backpack Thumbnail
    Oak ToteLaminated Junior TotePrelude Convention ToteBranson Tablet Backpack
    Item #: TBE-14064Item #: TB-14073Item #: TB-14072Item #: BK-14035
    List Price:$1.44
    As Low As: $1.29
    As Low As: $1.29List Price:$2.84
    As Low As: $2.44
    List Price:$7.39
    As Low As: $6.65
    Camo Backpack ThumbnailCotton Santa Fe Tote ThumbnailGimongus Expo Tote ThumbnailUpswing Zippered Tote Thumbnail
    Camo BackpackCotton Santa Fe ToteGimongus Expo ToteUpswing Zippered Tote
    Item #: BK-14025Item #: TB-14069Item #: TB-14060Item #: TB-14068
    As Low As: $5.89As Low As: $4.49List Price:$2.09
    As Low As: $1.99
    List Price:$3.69
    As Low As: $3.33
    Touchbase Meeting Tote ThumbnailSacramento Retro Business Bag ThumbnailColor Burst Expo Tote ThumbnailAlumni Portfolio Thumbnail
    Touchbase Meeting ToteSacramento Retro Business BagColor Burst Expo ToteAlumni Portfolio
    Item #: TB-14065Item #: PF-14005Item #: TBE-14059Item #: PF-14011
    List Price:$3.34
    As Low As: $2.99
    As Low As: $4.41As Low As: $1.64List Price:$7.99
    As Low As: $7.19
    Versatile Wine Tote ThumbnailVintage Lunch Box Cooler ThumbnailPaparoni Mesh Tote ThumbnailIndulge Lunch Cooler Thumbnail
    Versatile Wine ToteVintage Lunch Box CoolerPaparoni Mesh ToteIndulge Lunch Cooler
    Item #: TBE-14075Item #: OD-14079Item #: TB-15002Item #: OD-14068
    As Low As: $1.99As Low As: $5.49As Low As: $3.69As Low As: $2.89
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