• Non-Woven Reusable Bags Personalized with Promotional Brand & Logo

    Durable non-woven materials allow you to create desirable customized bags to give away to your clients while providing your company with long-lasting advertising value.

    Reusable custom printed bags help to keep your brand name and image at the forefront of your customer's mind. Instead of a purchasing and handing out single-use throwaway trade show bags, bags that can be reused and recycled will increase awareness for your brand among your customers and new business prospects each and every time they are used. People passing by your bag recipients in the street after the big event will be interested in these high-quality customized promotional items.
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    The Promo Tote ThumbnailMagellan Reflective Stripe Backpack ThumbnailBudget Tote Bag ThumbnailRivers Pocket Convention Tote Thumbnail
    The Promo ToteMagellan Reflective Stripe BackpackBudget Tote BagRivers Pocket Convention Tote
    Item #: TB-PVTItem #: BK-505Item #: TBE-840Item #: TBE-14067
    List Price:$0.95
    As Low As: $0.85
    As Low As: $1.59As Low As: $0.89List Price:$1.14
    As Low As: $1.07
    Non-Woven Grocery Tote - Medium ThumbnailValue Sport Pack ThumbnailNon-Woven Grocery Tote - Large ThumbnailEconomy Grocery Tote Thumbnail
    Non-Woven Grocery Tote - MediumValue Sport PackNon-Woven Grocery Tote - LargeEconomy Grocery Tote
    Item #: TBE-704Item #: BK-515Item #: TBE-700Item #: TBE-1012
    As Low As: $1.11As Low As: $0.89As Low As: $1.29As Low As: $0.96
    Shoulder Sling Tote ThumbnailJumbo Promo Tote ThumbnailConvention Tote ThumbnailCelebration Shopping Tote - Medium Thumbnail
    Shoulder Sling ToteJumbo Promo ToteConvention ToteCelebration Shopping Tote - Medium
    Item #: TBE-14078Item #: TB-804Item #: TB-1221Item #: TB-613
    List Price:$1.64
    As Low As: $1.48
    List Price:$1.06
    As Low As: $0.95
    As Low As: $1.84As Low As: $1.31
    Celebration Shopping Tote - Large ThumbnailNon-Woven Insulated Lunch Tote ThumbnailCrossover Tote ThumbnailBaby Grand Expo Tote Thumbnail
    Celebration Shopping Tote - LargeNon-Woven Insulated Lunch ToteCrossover ToteBaby Grand Expo Tote
    Item #: TB-614Item #: OD-830Item #: TBE-803Item #: TBE-54B
    As Low As: $1.57As Low As: $1.69As Low As: $2.58As Low As: $1.82
    Swing Tote ThumbnailNon-Woven Economy Tote Bag ThumbnailOak Tote ThumbnailLaminated Junior Tote Thumbnail
    Swing ToteNon-Woven Economy Tote BagOak ToteLaminated Junior Tote
    Item #: TB-800Item #: TBE-836Item #: TBE-14064Item #: TB-14073
    As Low As: $2.11As Low As: $0.86List Price:$1.44
    As Low As: $1.29
    As Low As: $1.29

    Another benefit of giving away non-woven bags during your next meeting, conference or convention is their low cost...but, the budget-friendly price doesn't make these promos cheap in their perceived value. Because trade show bags made from this popular fabric can be printed using a wider range of colors within larger imprint areas, they are often preferable giveaways when compared to woven bags made from materials such as cotton or nylon. Additionally, less energy is required to make these reusable bags, which results in lower prices for you and pollutants for our planet.

    Reusable non-woven tote bags are great for the environment and will send a positive message to your clients, prospects and staff members that your organization supports 'green' living. Students and families hoping to save money and reduce waste will hang on to their free bags for many years to come.

    Additionally, custom printed promotional bags will proudly display your company's logo and branding messaging. Non-woven totes are generally spacious, with lots of room for all of the marketing materials that your recipients will collect as they travel the trade showroom floor. Logo bags that are well thought out and customized smartly will win out as the bag of choice at these events and get continued use long after your big event is over; this translates into persistent mind share for your business's products, services and brand. Hence, compared to disposable paper or plastic bags, non-woven bags are a much better choice: economically, socially, and environmentally.

    Our Customers Say it Best!

    "Great price and Staff love it. The non-woven sport pack bags are given away for safety awards,safety training prizes, and to employees of the month. The staff love the bags and so does my budget. For the price of the bags...its the best deal in town!"

    -- T. Cannon
    Philadelphia, PA

    "We Love them! The non-woven lunch bags were ordered as gifts for our volunteer appreciation party. We filled the bags with handmade gift cards and magnets that our residents created and a 6" basil plant peaking out the top. The orange bags with green writing and the plant... beautiful!! Beautiful gift."

    -- Bonnie
    Taos, NM

    "Conference Bags A Hit! We have ordered these non-woven totes now for the second year in a row. We give them out during our annual conference hosted in Charleston each year. People love them!"

    -- Christina
    Charleston, SC

    "Love it! The non-woven die cut handle bags gave a much better perception than the plastic die cut ones I have used in the past. Was surprised that they were a little lighter than the plastic ones as well. Don't believe my clients will be throwing these away!"

    -- Meeting Planner
    Salem, OH

    "Great Looking Bag. The non-woven bag is exactly what we wanted. Identifies with our student research event and can then be used in normal day to day shopping. Saving the use of plastic or paper bags."

    -- Char
    Pomona, CA

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