• Neck Wallet Badge Holders Custom Printed with Your Business Logo

    Personalized neck wallets will get your brand noticed before your competition over corporate meetings & marketing events!

    Custom printed neck wallets, are a fabulous upgrade from the traditional plastic or vinyl name badge holders and are a necessity if your company frequently heads off to trade shows to spread the word about your products or services. Make sure that your employees are prepared for the convention or trade show experience by providing customized neck wallets with your brand or organization's logo printed right on the front.
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    Rainbow Neck Wallet ThumbnailNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID Holder ThumbnailMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailRecycled Zipper Neck Wallet Thumbnail
    Rainbow Neck WalletNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID HolderMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - PrintedRecycled Zipper Neck Wallet
    Item #: NW-500Item #: NW-1001Item #: NW-01A-PRItem #: NWE-1300
    As Low As: $1.39List Price:$0.96
    As Low As: $0.77
    List Price:$1.28
    As Low As: $1.02
    As Low As: $2.39
    No-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailNon-Woven Neck Wallet/Badge Holder ThumbnailMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailMinimalist Neck Wallet - Printed Thumbnail
    No-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - PrintedNon-Woven Neck Wallet/Badge HolderMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - PrintedMinimalist Neck Wallet - Printed
    Item #: NW-14003-PRItem #: NWE-802Item #: NW-14B-PRItem #: NW-14001-PR
    As Low As: $1.09As Low As: $1.31As Low As: $1.19As Low As: $1.09
    Eco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailTriple Zip Non-Woven Neck Wallet with ID Holder ThumbnailPolyester Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailMARCO Badge/Cord Combo Pouch Thumbnail
    Eco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - PrintedTriple Zip Non-Woven Neck Wallet with ID HolderPolyester Neck Wallet - PrintedMARCO Badge/Cord Combo Pouch
    Item #: NWE-14002-PRItem #: NWE-801Item #: NW-02A-PRItem #: NW-PTHATT
    As Low As: $0.79As Low As: $1.39As Low As: $1.75As Low As: $1.35
    Double Zipper Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailTwo Pocket Neck Wallet ThumbnailMARCO Faux Leather Neck Wallet ThumbnailTravel Neck Wallet Thumbnail
    Double Zipper Neck Wallet - PrintedTwo Pocket Neck WalletMARCO Faux Leather Neck WalletTravel Neck Wallet
    Item #: NW-NW5-PRItem #: NW-1003Item #: NW-06BItem #: NW-602
    List Price:$1.19
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    As Low As: $1.75As Low As: $1.89As Low As: $1.99
    MARCO Exclusive Dual Window Neck Wallet ThumbnailMicrofiber Deluxe Neck Wallet ThumbnailEco Pocket Neck Wallet ThumbnailMARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - Printed Thumbnail
    MARCO Exclusive Dual Window Neck WalletMicrofiber Deluxe Neck WalletEco Pocket Neck WalletMARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - Printed
    Item #: NW-1100Item #: NW-703Item #: NWE-1303Item #: NW-27-PR
    As Low As: $1.69As Low As: $3.87As Low As: $2.49As Low As: $1.90

    Not only will your associates and employees wear these versatile event IDs comfortably around their necks during their attendance and meetings and trade shows, but they can also use neck wallets as giveaways or promotional tools. For example, you might host a giveaway of customized neck wallets if convention attendees sign up for your newsletter or even "Like" your Facebook page. Use those who are interested in the free swag as a method to expand your readership.

    Of course, custom printed neck wallets are an easy way to spark a conversation about your company. They provide an opportunity for others to easily read the names of your staff and help them determine the organization that they represent. If your staff members host an interesting panel or participate in a conversation with other convention-goers, these badge holders might motivate attendees to inquire more about your business and its role in your industry.

    Don't forget the practical applications of the neck wallet. If you and your employees will have your hands full with presentations or setting up your booth or table, then you might not be able to carry a purse or briefcase easily. If the convention is formal and your employees have no pockets, this multi-purpose pouches becomes a life saver...allowing them to keep IDs, credit cards and a little cash close at hand.

    So remember to include a case of neck wallets personalized with your company name and logo when you're preparing for your next marketing event. Toss a couple extra into the box if you know that you'll give some away to your customers and prospects. You'll be glad you remembered to do so.

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