• Promotional Giveaways & Custom Printed Items

    Promotional giveaways are a standard item for most trade shows or conventions. These custom imprinted items are used as marketing tools for those representatives working in the booth. Often to promote or sell a new product or service, build your mailing list, generate leads or create market awareness.   Read More

    Prepare for your event by doing some research on prior years. Determine the demographic of your expected visitors. How many people will attend the event? You will want to make sure you order plenty of gifts to ensure everyone who visits leaves with the same item. Nothing hurts a "brand" more than appearing unprepared.

    Promote your giveaway before the event. Invite your customers to visit you at the booth through email, social media sites and direct mail. You can hold a live drawing each hour for a custom promotional item-such as a leather portfolio, golf shirt or jacket, or even a gift certificate for your company and perform demonstrations at specific set times. The promotional giveaways will get the audience there. You just need to get the sale! Take a business card from each attendee or scan their id to keep a record of your guests.

    After the event, make sure you follow up with everyone who received the giveaway within a week. The extra time is worth the effort. Send them an email before next year's program to encourage them to stop back to see what has changed within the last year. Chances are the promotional item you gave them last year is still sitting on their desk!

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