• Quick Ship Personalized Neck Wallets, Badge Holders and Lanyards

    Personalized Neck Wallets, Name Badge Holders and Lanyards, and Imprinted Lanyards can be used by businesses in order to market their own brand. MARCO Promotional Products offers a 24 Hour Quick Ship option on many of our neck wallets and badge holders. Common uses could be for giveaways, prizes, gifts to say thanks to customers, clients, and employees, and raise awareness of the company name.    Read More

    Personalized Neck Wallets are the perfect accessory for a trade show or convention. Also, Badge Holders and Lanyards, including Imprinted Lanyards, can be used for similar purposes that make sure the logo of a company is seen by many. Essentially, companies are able to use these different badge holders and lanyards to identify individuals as well as spread an ever present awareness of the company name and function. The fact that these imprinted lanyards have names, symbols, and other information associated with an individual company is an extra benefit because it helps market a business' brand.

    These items have various uses and could primarily be used as a marketing technique or in trade shows. These Personalized Neck Wallets and lanyards allow for a company to save money on advertising, while also gaining and keeping the trust of the consumer. Promotional products allow consumers to have incentives in order to keep doing business with a company. In all cases, the individual who receives a promotional items will feel like a valued client, employee, or associate to the business. The low cost of these promo products also make them almost vital to any company who wishes to maintain a good relationship with clients, employees, and the general community.

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    Rainbow Neck Wallet ThumbnailDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID Holder ThumbnailMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Printed Thumbnail
    Rainbow Neck WalletDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - BlankNon-Woven Neck Wallet/ID HolderMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Printed
    Item #: NW-500Item #: NW-NW5-BLItem #: NW-1001Item #: NW-01A-PR
    As Low As: $1.39List Price:$1.03
    As Low As: $0.82
    List Price:$0.96
    As Low As: $0.77
    List Price:$1.28
    As Low As: $1.02
    MARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - Printed ThumbnailRecycled Zipper Neck Wallet ThumbnailNo-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Blank Thumbnail
    MARCO Neck Wallet with Double Zipper - PrintedRecycled Zipper Neck WalletNo-Glare Agenda Neck Wallet - PrintedMARCO Top Zippered Neck Wallet - Blank
    Item #: NW-27-PRItem #: NWE-1300Item #: NW-14003-PRItem #: NW-01A-BL
    As Low As: $1.90As Low As: $2.39As Low As: $1.09List Price:$1.11
    As Low As: $0.94
    Minimalist Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailNon-Woven Neck Wallet/Badge Holder ThumbnailMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Printed Thumbnail
    Minimalist Neck Wallet - PrintedNon-Woven Neck Wallet/Badge HolderMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - PrintedDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Printed
    Item #: NW-14001-PRItem #: NWE-802Item #: NW-14B-PRItem #: NW-NW5-PR
    As Low As: $1.09As Low As: $1.31As Low As: $1.19List Price:$1.19
    As Low As: $0.95
    Eco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailTriple Zip Non-Woven Neck Wallet with ID Holder ThumbnailEco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailBi-Fold Nylon Neck Wallet - Printed Thumbnail
    Eco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - BlankTriple Zip Non-Woven Neck Wallet with ID HolderEco Dual Pocket Neck Wallet - PrintedBi-Fold Nylon Neck Wallet - Printed
    Item #: NWE-14002-BLItem #: NWE-801Item #: NWE-14002-PRItem #: NW-20-PR
    As Low As: $0.69As Low As: $1.39As Low As: $0.79As Low As: $1.55
    Polyester Neck Wallet - Printed ThumbnailTwo Pocket Neck Wallet ThumbnailMARCO Faux Leather Neck Wallet ThumbnailEco Pocket Neck Wallet Thumbnail
    Polyester Neck Wallet - PrintedTwo Pocket Neck WalletMARCO Faux Leather Neck WalletEco Pocket Neck Wallet
    Item #: NW-02A-PRItem #: NW-1003Item #: NW-06BItem #: NWE-1303
    As Low As: $1.75As Low As: $1.75As Low As: $1.89As Low As: $2.49
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