• Tradeshow Promotional Items to Shorten Registration Lines

    Tradeshow Promotional Items are necessary for any registration at a tradeshow or convention to run smoothly. There are several promotional items that will shorten registration lines and to help them move quickly and efficiently. There are many popular options for shortening registration lines such as neck wallets, badge holders, Badge Boxes and Badge Boards.   Read More

    Badge Boxes are a great way to keep name tags for guests organized. Most trade shows and conventions have a registration booth at the entrance to the event. If you have ever had to stand in a registration line you know how long they can be. Having name tags organized alphabetically in Badge Boxes is a great way to speed up the process.

    Another similar option is Badge Boards. Badge Boards from MARCO Promotional Products can be made of solid walnut for a professional appearance. Order as many Badge Boards as you need to organize name tags and avoid the clutter of badges scattered all over tables.

    Other trade show promotional items that are common and popular are badge holders and lanyards. A great souvenir for guests and volunteers would be a lanyard with the event name and year printed on it. These can be used to hold plastic name badges making identification of individuals easy. Badge holders are preferable to name tag stickers because they can be reused each day of the convention, and standing in line more than once is unnecessary for the visitors to the event.

    If you are planning a trade show, convention, or any other event make sure to contact an expert at MARCO Promotional Products to order the Tradeshow Promotional Items you will need to shorten registration lines.

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    MARCO Water Bottle Sport Portfolio ThumbnailDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Blank Thumbnail1" Ring Binder ThumbnailBadgeCase Organizer Thumbnail
    MARCO Water Bottle Sport PortfolioDouble Zipper Neck Wallet - Blank1" Ring BinderBadgeCase Organizer
    Item #: PF-71WItem #: NW-NW5-BLItem #: BD-500Item #: RM-BC
    List Price:$4.17
    As Low As: $3.54
    List Price:$1.03
    As Low As: $0.82
    As Low As: $2.99As Low As: $99.95
    Bag Holder ThumbnailAlpha Name Badge Dividers ThumbnailPocket Packet - Blank ThumbnailTranslucent Snap Portfolio - Blank Thumbnail
    Bag HolderAlpha Name Badge DividersPocket Packet - BlankTranslucent Snap Portfolio - Blank
    Item #: DY-500Item #: RM-1000Item #: RME-32-BLItem #: VIE-5T-BL
    As Low As: $43.00As Low As: $4.99As Low As: $0.28List Price:$1.03
    As Low As: $0.79
    Envelope Pocket Packet ThumbnailMARCO Expand-a-Board ThumbnailTranslucent Snap Portfolio - Printed ThumbnailVelcro® Closure Translucent Portfolio - Blank Thumbnail
    Envelope Pocket PacketMARCO Expand-a-BoardTranslucent Snap Portfolio - PrintedVelcro® Closure Translucent Portfolio - Blank
    Item #: RME-10Item #: RM-EABItem #: VIE-5T-PRItem #: VIE-01A-BL
    As Low As: $0.15As Low As: $39.00List Price:$1.58
    As Low As: $1.23
    List Price:$0.98
    As Low As: $0.79
    Badge Board ThumbnailEZ Badge Box ThumbnailVelcro® Closure Translucent Portfolio - Printed ThumbnailNeck Cord Holder Thumbnail
    Badge BoardEZ Badge BoxVelcro® Closure Translucent Portfolio - PrintedNeck Cord Holder
    Item #: RM-BBItem #: RM-1001Item #: VIE-01A-PRItem #: DY-03A
    As Low As: $19.00As Low As: $5.95List Price:$1.41
    As Low As: $1.29
    As Low As: $45.00
    Velcro® Closure Poly Envelope with Gusset - Blank ThumbnailPoly Envelope with Velcro Closure ThumbnailMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Blank ThumbnailMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Printed Thumbnail
    Velcro® Closure Poly Envelope with Gusset - BlankPoly Envelope with Velcro ClosureMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - BlankMARCO Polycanvas Neck Wallet - Printed
    Item #: VIE-1000-BLItem #: VIE-1104Item #: NW-14B-BLItem #: NW-14B-PR
    As Low As: $1.27As Low As: $1.53As Low As: $0.99As Low As: $1.19
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