December 2017 Difference Makers™ Recipients!

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Are You a Difference Maker?
"This is who you are. This is what you believe. This is why you do what you do each and every day."

Are you one of the Difference Makers™?

You work every day to make it better for children, teenagers, adults, seniors...or any of God's other creatures or maybe even Mother Earth herself. You help the ill, the unfortunate, whoever needs a hand. Your work is done in a school, hospital, church, temple, synagogue, museum, clinic, zoo, senior center, youth club or any number of other organizations that reach out to others in need.

Personally, you might be able to make more money if you worked in a for-profit business, but money is not the most important thing to you...or you may be a volunteer and get paid only in the satisfaction that comes from "Thank you."

Your cause needs support. There is never enough money to do all the things you want to do. And you are always looking for ways to promote your good works.

Here is where Team MARCO and Difference Makers™ may be able to help you in your effort to help others. Each week a $500 credit to use towards a promotional products order (including any set up fees and shipping) will be given free to a 501 (c) (3) organization. Difference Makers™ are welcome to apply.

If your organization is selected, you will be able to choose the specific promotional item that you feel best suits your needs from the over 8,000 products on our web site. And the item(s) you select will be imprinted with your logo or message, whatever you think is best.

And you will also be able to use them as you would like, to thank volunteers or donors, to help introduce a new service, again, whatever application best suites your needs. Many of our non-profit customers use promotional products in their fundraising efforts which often allow them to leverage the value several times over. You do not need to be a MARCO customer to apply. We want to hear from all the Difference Makers™ out there!

Please either submit the form below or download & fill out the application form to share your background information, your target audience, what item(s) might be of interest to you, how you plan to use them to help your organization, and your timeframe for the events. You can then email, mail, or fax it back to us. We ask that you give us at least one month prior to your event.

Download Your Difference Makers™ Application to Win $500 in FREE Promotional Products for Your Charitable Organization.
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