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FREE Event IdeaBook for Extraordinary Events in 2016

Best-of-the-Best Essential Tips
from Marketers & Meeting Planners

For Creating Outstanding Events in 2016
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FREE Event IdeaBook for Extraordinary Events in 2016

Best-of-the-Best Essential Tips
from Marketers & Meeting Planners

For Creating Outstanding Events in 2016

Download your FREE IdeaBook from MARCO Promos for the best meeting, convention & event planning tips for 2016.

Event Planning Resource Articles - Promote Smarter

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The Art of Gift Giving - 10 Tips and Ideas to Give Better Gifts
Don't stress out about gift-giving. These 10 tips will help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.
4 Company Holiday Celebration Ideas
Thorough planning for your organization's holiday party will ensure a fun, successful event that your employees and customers will enjoy.
The Keynote Speaker: Your Key to a Consummate Convention
Selecting the most compelling & engaging keynote speakers for your event will put your audience on the right path to becoming excited about all the new information they'll take home.
Step 22: Your Secret Cheat Sheet for Event Day Preparations!
Discover how these EASY tips and checklists can help ensure your next meeting, conference, or event is successful.
8 Event Planning Tips for a Flawless Event!
Discover how these simple tips can ensure that you are well prepared for any mishaps that may occur during your meeting or event.
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Event Planner?
Discover which 5 traits make for a great event planner to ensure that your future meetings and trade show's are at the top of their game.
Elevate Your Online Event Engagement!
Discover how to make online meeting and conference attendees feel like they're part of the event & appreciated.
Rock your Event with these 5 Best Practices!
Set yourself and your company up for success during your next trade show, meeting, conference, etc... when you follow these 5 simple organizational recommendations.
Location, Location: Tips for Choosing the Best Event Venue
Establishing an aesthetic and creative atmosphere for your event is key to setting the ideal mood for your attendees. Discover how to meet & beat the few challenges that come with working out these fine details.
Plan a Successful Event on a Tight Budget
Careful planning along with free and low-cost event ideas will allow your company to host fun and memorable experiences for your customers, prospects & staff.
4 Ways to Start Personalizing Your Next Event
Discover how these tips can help you customize your event to keep attendees engaged and talking about your organization after it's over.
3 Reasons You Need to Meet Face to Face
Discover how having face to face meetings can build relationships, improve creativity & innovation, and prevent miscommunication that can occur with emails.
4 Ways to Employee Engagement Success
Discover how these 4 tips can help you create a rewards system that will keep your employees happy and engaged.
5 Ways to Wow & Win Over First Time Attendees
Discover how paying special attention to first time conference attendees can make them feel welcome and more willing to return to a future event.
6 Tips for Team Building Greatness
Use these 6 tips to create a stronger team and build healthy relationships that will help your organization shine.
5 Tips & Strategies to Overcome Last Minute Meeting Changes
Use these 5 tips when planning for your next meeting or conference so that you won't be scrambling for a solution in the event that something unexpected occurs.
Healthy Meetings Equals Healthy Participants
Learn how adding physical activity and nutritious food options at your next event can keep attendees happy and make them feel better about their well-being.
4 Ways to Integrate Wearable Technology at Your Next Event
Discover how integrating smart watches, two way beacons, fitness trackers and smart jewelry into your next event can elevate your next event.
12 Tips For Planning an Event in the Great Outdoors
Discover how these tips can help you plan for both the expected and the unexpected at your next outdoor event.
16 Ways to Make Your Attendees Feel Welcome
Discover tips and tricks to make your conference & event attendees feel welcome from the registration process through your event and even after your event has ended.
5 Ways to Attract New Exhibitors
Discover how these 5 tips can help you attract new exhibitors to your tradeshow that will keep fresh content flowing.
3 Ways to Elevate Down Time
Learn how working with the event venue and local Convention and Visitors Bureaus can help you find ways for meeting attendees to unwind and relax during free time.
How is Technology Changing the Meeting & Events Industry?
Discover how technology and social media are changing event registration, content, and accommodations and how your next meeting or event can reap the benefits.
Introducing 5 Ways to 'Green up' Your Event!
Discover how these five simple tips can help you make the change to sustainable and green events.
3 Tips to Attract and Manage Your Volunteers!
Learn how to recruit amazing volunteers and keep them motivated throughout your event with these simple tips.
Step 23: Guarantee Future Event Success by Reviewing these Steps!
Discover how using the information collected from post-event evaluations, social media and bills to create one consolidated report can ensure the success of future events.
Step 21: Emergency Planning? Be Prepared with These Tips!
Learn what information you should know and review with your team and venue employees before your event to help reduce panic and confusion during an emergency.
Step 20: 15 Must-Know Items for a Successful Pre-Con Meeting
Discover how to run an effective pre-convention meeting, including lists of important items to bring to the meeting and information to review.
Step 19: Say Goodbye to Attrition Fees with These Smart Tips!
Discover what information to include in reservation materials and what information to collect from guests to help ensure a smooth experience for all.
Step 18: Perfect Your Registration Process with these Revealing Tips
Discover tips and tricks for perfecting your event registration, including how to collect data on event attendees.
Step 17: 9 AV Secrets of Savvy & Successful Meeting Planners
Learn how working with a venue's AV department or hiring an AV production company can make your company's next event stand out from the crowd.
Step 16: This Food Experience Will Make Your Next Event Unforgettable! Part 2
Learn how paying attention to the details when completing a Banquet Event Order can make your meal times run smoother and save you money.
Step 15: This Food Experience Will Make Your Next Event Unforgettable! Part 1
Discover how taking extra time to plan for the food served at your event can create happy attendees and favorable reviews of your event.
Step 14: Discover Stress-Free Travel & Delighted Meeting Attendees! Part 2
Taking the time to make arrangements with a transportation company can help to create a successful event by easing the stress of traveling to and from the hotel & airport.
Step 13: Discover Stress-Free Travel & Delighted Meeting Attendees! Part 1
Learn how to create an enjoyable event from the time attendees leave their houses until they return home by making travel arrangements in advance.
10 Ways to 'Wow' them with Your Presentation Skills!
Learn 10 EASY ways to take your presentations from ho-hum to wow and impress your leaders, colleagues, and customers at the next company meeting or event.
Step 12: Boost Attendance By Picking the Perfect Presenter!
Learn which topics to address when choosing a speaker, what information to gather from interested candidates & what details to provide your chosen speaker.
Are You Prepared For Your Event?
Learn how holding a pre-conference meeting can help ensure that the key players of the event all share the same vision and expectations for the event.
Stay Calm & Carry On - 7 Steps to Conquer the Unexpected!
Learn how these 7 steps can help you overcome a natural disaster, bomb threat, or chemical leak before or during your next event to ensure everyone's safety.
Step 11 - It's All About the SWAG! Part 2
Learn how businesses and non-profits can benefit from incorporating custom promotional products into all aspects of their events; from beginning to end.
Steal These Tips & Energize Your Next Meeting
Learn how hosting your next meeting or team builder outdoors can generate more openness and creativity from members of your team when compared to indoors.
5 Reasons You Need Convention & Visitors Bureaus for Exceptional Events!
Learn how utilizing the resources and expertise of Convention and Visitors Bureaus can make the planning and execution of your next event an easier task.
Step 10: It's All About the SWAG!
Learn how choosing the right promotional products to accurately convey your company or non-profit's message or theme can help create a successful event.
Step 9: Room Set Up for Your Next Event
Learn how to determine the proper meeting room layout based on the size and dynamic of your group to ensure a successful event for speakers and attendees.
Step 8: How to Take Your Meeting to the Next Level
Learn how a trade show can make your next event a success by following the provided suggestions to ensure vendors and attendees have a positive experience.
Step 7: How to Create Powerful Marketing Campaigns
Learn how creating a powerful marketing campaign that utilizes websites, social media & print mediums to reach attendees can make your next event amazing!
Step 6: Negotiation Skills
Learn how to effectively ask for what you want from your vendors and promotional event venues and get them to say, "YES"!
Step 5: Program Management
Creating a memorable and influential experience during your events & programs requires a well-thought out task list. Get started generating yours here.
Step 4: Selecting the Best Site
Finding the perfect venue for your event can ensure that your guests feel welcome and will help them enjoy themselves.
3 Steps For Planning A Virtual Meeting
These three steps will help you plan a virtual meeting that is successful and informative for all of your attendees.
Step 3: Determine Your Budget
These ten tips for cutting event costs from MARCO ensure that your event is successful all while staying under budget.
5 Apps to Help Reduce the Stress of Meeting Planning!
There are several great apps to help you plan, promote, execute and follow up on your next big event making sure it's a huge success
Step 2: Determine Your Theme
Picking the perfect theme for your event gives you a chance to be creative and plan an event that everyone will love.
You've Been Asked to Plan an Event. Now What?? Step 1...
Planning an event with this handy & helpful Planning Checklist will ensure a successful event that all of your attendees will enjoy.
Audiovisual Trends to Make Your Meetings More Powerful
These audiovisual trends and tips can help you plan a successful meeting that will grab the attention of all your attendees.
5 Ways to Captivate Millennials at Your Next Meeting
Make sure that your next meeting or event is optimized for each and every participant, including millennials, with these tips on how to captivate your audience.
Yes, Event Planners Can Reap Rewards with Hosted Buyer Events
Gain long-term & beneficial business connections at your events with lead generation facilitated by a matching concept that focuses on pre-qualified prospective buyers.
Not Having an Event Website Could Be Costing You Better Results
Experience huge payoffs when you follow these best practices to organize & promote your event efforts by creating a dedicated central hub for your participants and staff.
How to Crowdsource Trade Shows for Planning & Post-Event Promotion
Collaborate with, share control & dilute executive decision making to key segments within your organization in order to host spectacular events!
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Millennial Workforce
Get tips for developing corporate programs within your organization that will appeal to the tech-savvy 'Generation Y' workforce.
How to Gamify Any Event and Win Engagement
Learn how to incorporate game playing into your internal & external marketing initiatives to drive your organization's goals and increase interest & engagement in your campaigns.
Sensationally Successful Online Summits - Part 2
Sensational summits are cost effective & will offer solutions to problems, proliferate expertise and expand networking opportunities for your business and target audience members.
Sensationally Successful Online Summits - Part 1
Plan, organize and bring together different leadership styles to an online venue that will encourage interaction & learning and will generate excitement for your products & services.
Build a Street Team You Can Be Proud Of
Inspire the members of your target audience to show their passion for your brand in social media and beyond.
7 Terrifying Trade Show Blunders
There is plenty of room for catastrophic failure during your events; but, these past mistakes made by your fellow organizers will help you plan for a contingency.
Create a Travel Itinerary to Put Your Guests At Ease
Successful promotional events start with these 6 organizational tips that will lead to uneventful travel & comfortable lodging for your staff and meeting attendees.
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Download your FREE IdeaBook from MARCO Promos for the best meeting, convention & event planning tips for 2017.

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