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FREE Event IdeaBook for Extraordinary Events in 2016

Best-of-the-Best Essential Tips
from Marketers & Meeting Planners

For Creating Outstanding Events in 2016
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FREE Event IdeaBook for Extraordinary Events in 2016

Best-of-the-Best Essential Tips
from Marketers & Meeting Planners

For Creating Outstanding Events in 2016

Download your FREE IdeaBook from MARCO Promos for the best meeting, convention & event planning tips for 2016.

Event Promotion Resource Articles - Promote Smarter

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Promotional Products - The Perfect Marketing Tool!
Build your brand and increase your sales revenue now and potentially for years into the future when you give away quality promotional gifts from MARCO to your customers and prospects.
How to Invigorate Your Event Marketing with Videos
Create excitement, provide information & increase engagement among your target audience by making your marketing campaigns come alive through vivid & memorable imagery.
Event Promotion 101
Discover how honing your event promotion skills can attract new attendees, sponsors, and vendors, as well as ensuring previous attendees return to future events.
Keep it Green, Keep it Clean!
Learn how choosing eco-friendly products from these four popular event promotion categories can demonstrate to your customers your commitment to sustainability.
Boost Your Brand With Promotional Products...Worth Every Penny!
For more than 50 years, inexpensive, but useful, custom imprinted marketing items have helped advertisers increase brand awareness and grow their company's sales.
How to Effectively Promote and Coordinate Events Through Social Media
Learn how these popular apps can increase event attendance and save time and money while promoting your next meeting or event with ease.
5 Tactics to Create Outstanding Experiential Meetings
Discover how this 5 simple tactics can help you host a successful meeting that attendees will be talking about for months to come.
Supercharge Your Event Marketing with Social Media
Discover how becoming an expert on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram can help you attract new attendees and sponsors to your events.
5 Steps to Starting a Hosted Buyer's Program
Elevate the experience of your next event for both attendees & sponsors. Learn what a Hosted Buyer's Program is and how to start one in 5 easy steps.
4 Ways to Keep Event Participants Emotionally Engaged
Learn four EASY strategies to keep participants at your next event emotionally engaged and eager to attend your next meeting, trade show, or conference.
Meld Traditional with Trending Tactics to Entice Event Sponsors
Open doors to untold potential to improve the impact of your campaigns by combining modern-day technological advancements with traditional applications of corporate event sponsorships.
Pre-Event Email Marketing Will Change Your Event for Good!
Create a buzz within a larger audience & get potential attendees excited about your events.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Millennial Appeal
Challenge & inspire your employees and establish & support CSR initiatives that will appeal to and create a sense of loyalty from your organization's younger workers.
How to Make Conventions Millennial-Friendly
Create engaging event environments to stay relevant & become more accessible to the growing number of younger members of the workforce.
Fire Up a Flash Mob for Fitness!
Generate good feelings for your target audience and make those good feelings synonymous with your company's brand through well organized & memorable social statements.
7 "Pinterest-ing" Promotion Ideas
Powerful online social media tools are available to marketers today that make brand building easier and advertising campaigns more successful.
8 Mobile Marketing Tactics for Consumer Engagement
Engage your customers with branding messages delivered via hi-tech marketing campaigns that will appeal to their mobile lifestyles.
Top 6 Best Practices for Online Fundraising in 2014
Successful marketing campaigns will continue to rely heavily on lucrative fundraising initiatives in 2014.
Mobile Marketing Made Easy
Developing a strong mobile marketing strategy development plan is important to building your brand's identity and increasing your busniess's sales potential.
How to Increase Traffic at Your Next Trade Show (Part 1)
Taking the time to pre-plan before you represent your business or organization at a trade show can mean the difference between HUGE success and a waste of staff time and company dollars.
Crowd Funding Your Meeting
Boost your event budget, enhance attendance and increase engagement when you take advantage of new, unique and exciting fundraising options.
Blog Your Way to Success!
15 EASY steps that every marketer should take to help their blog become a social media success!
Eco-Friendly Products from MARCO
You'll find hundreds of unique customized promotional items that are practical, desirable, eco-friendly & budget-friendly.
Convey the Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings & Host a Top Notch Event!
A little planning and consideration will go a long way towards ensuring the success of your events & shaping the profile for future meetings.
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Download your FREE IdeaBook from MARCO Promos for the best meeting, convention & event planning tips for 2017.

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