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3 Ways to Make a Difference... One Student at a Time...

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for students of all ages. There are many new beginnings and the opportunities seem endless. Some families and kids are not able to share in that "back-to-school" excitement. They are worried about how they are going to send their kids off to school with all the required school supplies they need to be successful. It's a problem that is overwhelming for many families today. As teachers, schools, corporations, non-profits and various other groups join together and pitch in, we can make a difference. You can be the Difference Maker for the youth in your community.

Teachers are Difference Makers

Teachers Make a Difference
From USB drives to binders and calculators, back to school lists with dozens of school supplies are pinching families' budgets and in some cases, creating insurmountable challenges for children who live near or below the poverty line, forcing many to go without.

Experts say school districts have less money each year to supply the basics so they are asking the parents and students to supply even basic communal item such as cleaning supplies, tissues, copy paper and more.

As teachers and educators, you see the budget cuts that are impacting our schools firsthand. To avoid lay-offs, many districts are cutting spending everywhere they can and that includes, in some cases, even cutting basic supplies.

Many organizations supply backpacks filled with pens, pencils and notebooks to low income families, but the need is growing faster than the supply. On average, teachers spend approximately $288 of their own funds on classroom and school supplies to supplement items that might be missing for some students.

As teachers you know that it can hurt children socially and academically if they have to go without. Those children who do not have adequate resources know they will struggle to get the same grades as other students if they are forced to go without the basic required supplies.

It is well-known that you, as teachers, work very hard to be Difference Makers in your schools and communities, more often than not spending your own money to help bridge the gap. Starting off the school year as prepared as possible is key to setting students up to be successful.

There are many ways to kick off the year with a fun contest where children can receive an imprinted notebook or folder that would allow them to stay organized. A school name, logo, or themed imprint could be used to create a sense of camaraderie among the students and develop school spirit from day one.

The beginning of the school year is a good time to remind children about fire safety, emergency preparedness, and stranger safety. When you review these in your classroom, children will learn how to respond the next time they are in a dangerous situation. When you personalize items with logos or themes, the message is strong. You care about your kids as if they were your own.

To help you get your students prepared for an exciting year, you can purchase any imprinted school supplies at our special "Teachers Only" discounted rate. And if you happen to have an organization who wishes to sponsor imprinted items for your school, they can also get this "Teachers Only" discount. Just forward this to your special "sponsor friends" and we'll be happy to help them help you help others.

And thanks for all you do to be a Difference Maker for our most precious asset...our children.

Supportive School Districts Develop Successful Students

For kids to be successful in school, they need the right tools. Pencils, pens, backpacks and so much more. This allows them to start off the year on the right foot so they can focus on what is really important... Improving their grades and developing new skills each year.

Unfortunately, millions of children are not properly equipped for their first day of school. When this happens, the focus changes for these kids from excitement to nervousness. They don't want others to notice they are missing the basic necessities that many of the other students have.

As educators or administrators, this is tough to see. Many schools have put together backpack programs with the basic school supplies to ensure students have what they need to take notes, participate in art classes, or carry home their homework. Budgets are getting stretched and the cost of supplies is going up each year. Many schools have had to cut back, reduce supplies and ask for more from the children and their parents.

If your school is one of these FIGHTING THE BUDGET CRUNCH FOR SUPPLIES, we want to help.

Many districts have started backpack programs for students to discreetly receive the basic products they need to start the year off right. You can create a theme that works for your school and allow teachers to create educational activities in their classes to hand out these supplies. Children from low-income families face enough obstacles with academic development and learning disabilities. By the time they hit 4th grade they are on average behind by 2 years. Providing basic school supplies can help drive higher morale in the classroom and assist in overcoming these obstacles.

You can also purchase promotional items to create a sense of school spirit. Add items to your school store imprinted with the school logo or the years "theme." Parents or teachers can purchase these and the proceeds can be added to your backpack funds for students that need additional help throughout the school year. Many schools hand out tokens or tickets for good behavior or situations when a student goes above and beyond. Allow them to collect these and purchase imprinted t-shirts, notepads or pencils. Adding a logo creates a sense of belonging and a feeling of security, which kids need to allow them to focus on their schooling.

Marco wants to help stock your supply cabinets, your school store and your backpack program. We are providing this special one-time promotion for administration and office staff so you can get a steal on these items before the rush of the school year starts.

Schools and Parents Can't do it Alone... Your Organization Can be a Difference Maker

Knowledge is Power
According to the National Retail Federation, the average family spends more than $600 each year on children's clothing, electronics and back to school supplies. In today's economic times, many families are struggling to pay rent and buy groceries. The last thing they need is to search for extra funds to supply the necessary school supplies. As many as 21 million children in the US will be facing this concern come September.

Ensuring children have the necessary supplies to start off the new school year can have a dramatic effect. A well-equipped student is ready for learning with higher self-esteem, which helps the child be successful in the classroom.

Many communities are organizing backpack "drives" or fundraisers to support the growing need for assistance with basic school supplies. This provides a welcome relief for those families trying to decide if they should pay the water bill or purchase notebooks and pencils for their kids.

Your company, organization or group may already donate funds or resources to various charities in your city or town, or specific philanthropic causes. You work hard to be a Difference Maker every day. We want to help make it easier to make an even bigger impact on the youth in your community.

MARCO is offering a one-time discount for all corporations, non-profits, associations or groups who want to make a difference by supporting local schools and students.

Maybe you want to start your own backpack program? Send us your logo or a theme that you have created and we'll create customized backpacks. We can quickly also create customized logos on pens, pencils, rulers and notepads. You can find everything you need to set up area families for the school year.

Not sure where to start? You may want to reach out to your local school district to find out which specific products are in high demand. The need is probably much more than you ever thought. Start with an inexpensive tote or backpack that can hold all the donated items. Set up a day or event in which the children from your area can attend and receive the back to school package themselves. You will see the smiles from the students and the look of appreciation from the parent's faces, which will be all the thanks you need. You will see how you are truly making a difference!

You've probably heard the proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child." That saying has never been more true than now... when it comes to providing a solid foundation for our children's education. Whether you are an educator, an administrator, or a charitable organization, you can be a Difference Maker to help needy students start the academic year with a full set of school supplies and an optimism for learning!

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