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20 Lanyard Hacks

Where would name badges be without the trusty lanyard? (Probably on the floor.) But this ever-versatile attachment has so much more to offer than playing a supporting role to meeting identification. Here is a collection of additional creative uses for the classic neck accessory, some admittedly more serious than others:

  1. ID Badge or FOB Holder: OK. Maybe this isn't very creative, but a lanyard is a practical way to keep security items visible and within reach
  2. Keychain: A convenient key holder to keep your keys easily accessible.
  3. Wine Holder: Hands-free is the way to be. Drink wine while getting other chores done or keep it close enough that no one can sneak a sip!
  4. "Grab-and-go" Item Holder: Keep companion articles together - such as a locker key and membership pass - for easy access for those specific trips.
  5. Security Support: Join together along with a whistle, flashlight or other safety items for a safer feeling at night.
  6. Service for Servers: A convenient way for wait staff and bartenders to hold register cards along with a pen, bottle opener, etc.
  7. Kitchen Help: Use lanyards to keep measuring spoons or other kitchen odds & ends within easy reach.
  8. Handyman's Helper: Same as the kitchen idea. Use lanyards to collect up tools and keep them organized.
  9. Coach's Assistant: A stylish way for coaches (and referees) to hold their whistle compared to the classic black rope.
  10. Fishing Buddy: Pair up a nail clipper, boat keys and "floaty" (so it doesn't sink) to keep hands-free for bringing in that "whopper." Also works for holding extra hooks.
  11. Camping or Hiking Partner: Add sunscreen, hand sanitizer, mini flashlight, or other necessities to have (almost) everything needed for adventures in the wild.
  12. Pull Chain Extender: For those ceiling fan and light chains too hard reach without a stool.
  13. All Purpose Tie-downs: Keep cords, hoses and other long items coiled and bundled.
  14. Dog Leash: Keep a lanyard with your scooper and bags as a back-up leash in a pinch (probably best for smaller dogs).
  15. Easy Halloween Costume: Invited to a party and don't have a costume? Simply make a sign such as "Nudist on Strike" or "Error 404. Costume Not Found." and dress however you'd like. Feel like getting dressed up fancy instead? Wear a sign that reads "I'm Sorry" and go as a Formal Apology.
  16. 1/2
  17. Hair Ribbon: For times where you want to put your hair up but don't have a band or scrunchie.
  18. 1
  19. Necktie: Forgot it wasn't casual Friday? Throw a Windsor knot onto a lanyard and - viola! - Instant super skinny tie.
  20. Purse Alternative: Think of it as a clutch in the clutch. Sometimes it's easier to keep money, phone, etc. around the neck where it is attached rather than in a purse that may get forgotten or stolen.
  21. World Record Setting Collectable Item: Use them as an awareness campaign to obtain a collection large enough to unseat current Guinness World Record holder Christian Gfrerer.
  22. Not every lanyard starts out as just a lanyard. This one is available and ready for alternative use - no hack needed.

  23. Charging Cable: Wait... Lanyards can't charge phones, can they? Well this one can...
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